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Electric fireplaces can be real space savers compared to traditional fireplaces. Wall mounted electric fireplaces and slimline mantel fireplaces only protrude 6 to 10 inches into a room. They do not require mounting into walls. There is tremendous flexibility regarding installation Electric fireplaces are notably more energy efficient than all other fireplaces in a number of different ways, making this one of the biggest benefits of an electric fireplace

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If you're looking for a modern stylish look, the Amantii Wall Mount/ Flush Mount Series Electric Fireplace with Ember Media Kit is worth considering. This model of electric fireplace delivers great quality all around with a variety of settings and sleek, modern aesthetics throughout. ClassicFlame 26 Infrared Quartz Fireplace Inser The electric fireplace is energy-efficient and cost-effective. There is no risk of losing the heat through the venting as the case with gas fireplaces. A gas fireplace can lose 20% to 30% of the heat through the venting decreasing the efficiency Other electric fireplaces have touchscreen control panels or a multi-colored back light that adds an intriguing visual backdrop to the fireplace. Wrapping It All Up. This electric fireplace buying guide is a written to help young homeowners wanting to familiarize themselves with the electric fireplace market Electric fireplaces are much more cost- and energy-efficient than gas-powered or woodburning fireplaces. They are about 90% more efficient than gas fireplaces. On average, they cost about 18 cents per hour of runtime. Many models have adjustable brightness and heat as well as a no-heat option that conserves even more energy Here are eight signs it may be time to say goodbye to your fireplace. 1. It doesn't work. Especially out West, where earthquakes are an issue, it's quite common to find homes with fireplaces.

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Although an electric fireplace can come with many safety features such as timers and overheat prevention technology, we don't leave our electric fireplace on overnight because we don't think that it's worth the risk.. The instruction manual for our particular model of fireplace also states that it shouldn't be left alone The thin electric fireplace is designed to mount directly onto a wall or slide into a recessed wall. It's a more hands-on home improvement project, but Amazon shoppers say the results are worth it. One writes that it's so easy to install and very quiet, while another says I've had tons of compliments on it Touchstone has great quality electric fireplaces for the price. You can get an electric fireplace for anywhere from $299 to $1199 depending on the type and size. Touchstone Sideline Recessed Fireplaces and Touchstone Onyx Wall Mounted fireplaces are the two of the most popular ones by Touchstone. Touchstone Sideline Elite is the newest Sideline. In today's world of technology, the electric fireplace is growing in popularity in both residential and commercial settings because of the coziness they provide and amazing designs such as the electric fireplace TV stand. The electric fireplace has directed people's attention to the development of non-combustion fireplaces and stoves that present the visual image of [

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Best Splurge: Real Flame 56-inch Emerson Grand Electric Fireplace. For a fireplace that won't sacrifice style or quality, check out the Real Flame Emerson fireplace. Measuring 56 x 16 x 47.25 inches, this large electric fireplace is available in both English oak and white-washed finishes Many people have issues with electric fireplaces because they detest anything that isn't completely authentic and 'real'. In my opinion it's not the fact that these fires are powered electrically that's the issue, it's all about appearance Most electric fireplaces run off on a standard 120-volt outlet, which means they only have 1500 watts output to produce 5,000 BTUs. So, if you have a 400 square foot room, this type of heater is powerful enough, but anything larger will make it inefficient, especially when used on its own Value of a Fireplace to the Price of a House. Fireplaces are a hot commodity for many home buyers. According to a 2012 survey, buyers rank fireplaces as one of the three amenities they'd most like.

That day I got the idea I wanted an electric fireplace but wanted one that looked real. I started searching on Amazon and after a while I found the MagikFlame. It was priced a bit higher than some others I have seen but after purchasing it I can tell you the quality is absolutely worth it Electric fireplaces project an image of moving flames, which is the ultimate in faux fireplaces. These fireplaces can provide a significant amount of heat, but not without cost. See pros and cons of electric fireplaces below: Advantages of electric fireplaces: • Electric fireplaces are the least expensive available that produce heat and light How Electric Fireplaces Work. The three basic types of electric fireplaces include standalone models with a mantel and heater; custom versions that can be mounted on or built into a wall or piece of furniture; and inserts that can be placed inside an older hearth, complete with LED glowing logs and different flame effects.. Electric fireplaces use metal coils to create heat

️Duraflame Portable Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove DFI-5010-01 Review | Is It Worth It? ️10 Cheap TV Stands With Electric Fireplace Under $250 ️Sydney Wall Mount Electric Fireplace By Gibson Living GL2050WS Revie The front of this box is self-cleaning insulated glass. The insert is either placed into an existing fireplace or a newly fabricated fireplace structure. One of the main reasons a fireplace lover would switch to a fireplace insert is due to heat loss. The crackle of a traditional fireplace has charm, but is not an efficient provider of heat The national average cost for gas fireplace installation is $2,160. The average cost to install an electric fireplace is usually between $150 and $300, but it can be significantly more if the. Most fireplace inserts and a professional installation cost about $2,000 to $4,000, depending on the state of your existing chimney and the model you select. Some electric models cost significantly less, but they offer less heat output than wood and gas fireplace inserts

Electric fireplaces draw in air, heat it internally using a coil, and push the warm air back out into the room via a fan. Gas burning fireplaces use sealed combustion to burn. Fireplace doors block all outside air from entering the space, and a gas insert has its own flue that goes up the chimney All these figures are worth giving consideration and it is high time to start electric fireplaces business online. Gladly, we have one such software named Pabbly Subscription Billing that lets you create an amazing checkout page for selling electric fireplaces online Installing the unit is a quick and easy process. Once you turn it on and experience its warmth and charm, you'll find it's well worth the effort. This is one electric fireplace model that comes very highly recommended by industry experts and home owners alike. Napoleon NEFL60FH Allure Linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Gas fireplace efficiency includes easy maintenance, so you have no ashes or soot in the chimney with a gas fireplace.Natural gas is a fairly inexpensive form of energy, so a gas fireplace is inexpensive to run.Gas fireplaces cost 17-19 cents an hour to run, or about $60 annually, Electric Fireplaces Direct says Typically an electric fireplace costs around 18 cents/hour to run at its highest setting. Gas: It's very inexpensive to run a gas fireplace. For instance, the Heat & Glo 6000, which is one of the most popular gas fireplaces of all time, costs about 42 cents/hour to operate. There will be variation depending on the model you select and on.

Almost anyone can install an electric fireplace. Oftentimes, you can just buy the fireplace, plug it in, and let it go. Any further costs will go on your electricity bill. Expect to pay 10 to 20 cents an hour to run an electric fireplace. Gas - $2000+ While $2000 may not seem like a lot for a fireplace, this is the price for the materials alone If masonry inserts are not your thing, consider the Duraflame Electric Fireplace Stove. This portable indoor space heater can turn spaces up to 1000 square feet into a warm and cozy spot. Ideal for supplemental heating, this unit impresses with its 3D realistic flames. But there's more to it than meets the eye The SimpliFire Allusion electric fireplace up to 84 is a smart choice with four flame and 14 ember colors you can change instantly. View Details. Starting at. $929 * Built-In. Built-In Electric Fireplace. The ambiance of a traditional fireplace is what many of us treasure. Our built-in electric fireplace makes it easy to enjoy with dancing. An internal heater generates warmth and spreads it throughout the room with a blower fan, increasing the realistic look and feel of the fireplace. It's worth mentioning that electric fireplaces are an especially safe option in homes with curious kids and pets. These appliances stay cool to the touch because no real fire is involved Most electric fireplace inserts are easy to relocate from room to room, and the fire-free design ensures that renters and apartment-dwellers can enjoy fireside ambiance with ease. Electric Fireplace Insert + Remote Control. $289.90. Amazon. Buy It Shop More Electric Fireplace Inserts. Steel Electric Fireplace Insert

3. TURBRO Suburbs Electric Fireplace Infrared Heater. This fireplace is a runner up for best electric fireplace for RV. With two different changeable flame colors, it can add a warming ambiance to your RV in an affordable price range. A thermostat is present, which will enable you to adjust the temperature in the field of 68-95℉.. It can be easily plugged into a standard outlet of 120V A gas fireplace, by comparison, could cost up to 20 cents an hour, depending on BTUs and also where you live. Additionally, gas fireplaces lose between one-fourth and one-third of their heat to venting while electric fireplaces are 99 percent heat efficient. Since electric fireplaces require no venting, all of the heat comes into the room Legend #2: Electric fireplaces don't look as good as gas or wood-burning fireplaces At the end of the day, this legend is subjective. While it is true that electric fireplaces have come a long way since they were used as props in the theater in the early 1900s, some people still prefer the look of a real wood burning fireplace

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Dunkirk 44.5 in. W Carved Electric Fireplace in Ivory Rich is the perfect description for this Rich is the perfect description for this traditional, creamy ivory fireplace. Fluted side columns and an elegant floral design across the mantel draw attention to this classic, electric fireplace Touchstone's Sideline Fireplace is one of the most attractive electric fireplaces around. It measures 50 inches long, making the fireplace a bold statement worthy of any home While electric fireplaces can be a cost effective solution to this problem, we at Bromwells believe that spending a little more for a gas fireplace will be well worth the investment. Both gas, and electric fireplaces produce steady warmth and ambiance for the room, but when it comes to appearance and warmth produced, the difference is night and. The Chateau corner electric fireplace features the clean lines and classic styling familiar to stone mantels, realized in wood. In three great finishes, this design is sure to compliment a variety of decor from classic to contemporary. The vividly electric firebox plugs into any standard Outlet for convenient set up

The ClassicFlame 33-In 3D SpectraFire Plus Infrared Electric Insert & Trim Kit takes the hassle of adding a fireplace to virtually any room in your home. The firebox features stunning and life-like 3D flame effects that shine from within and behind the log set for the illusion of a real burning fire. The complemen Your home is a place of warmth and comfort. With this wall mantel electric fireplace, you can efficiently heat those cozy nights in and get even more ambiance with beautiful flame effects. The 18-inch electric fireplace insert has a heater that can heat up to 400 square feet of your home but can also be turned off while realistic flames stay on. Routing details between the planked design. Reviewers say that the Real Flame G8600E-W Silverton electric fireplace is very simple to install, arrives well packaged and that it's possible to install this model without help, or without any DIY experience. This fireplace operates quietly, and users are also pleased with its size as it looks more like a standard fireplace than other models

Electric Fireplaces. Ambiance Electric Fireplaces have been designed to give you the maximum in flexibility in selecting a unit that perfectly suits your needs. A stylish Electric Fireplace will be the focal point of your room, whether it is indoor or even outdoor. Featuring a state-of-the-art flame set, with a just a click on the remote you. All Electric Fireplace Mantel Packages Plug in any of our ready-made, furniture-grade electric fireplace mantels and enjoy the beauty of a masonry fireplace in any room of the house! With over 80 to choose from -varying in size, style, wood type, and finish - you'll have no trouble matching and complementing your existing decor The electric fireplace unit itself is supplied with a flat pack cream MDF surround which reviewers, even self-confessed DIY beginners, found incredibly simple to install, and loved the effect once they had. The light set into the surround is a little on the gimmicky side, but if you're looking for a little extra ambience, it's nice to have What Brands of Electric Fireplace Are Worth Looking At? Before even talking about some of the more popular brands of electrical fireplaces that are on the market, it is important to know that generic brands are never the way to go. While the price can make it seem tempting, cheap, generic fireplaces are always purchases that people regret The Greystone 36 Electric Fireplace with Crystals - Wall Mount - Black - LED Side Lights # 324-000080 is an electric heater that has two stages and a thermostat. It has a temperature range between 62 and 82 degrees, so you do not need propane, but you can use electricity to keep your Gulf Stream comfortable in the colder winter months

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The Console includes a remote-controlled 23 electric fireplace insert that gives a realistic glow of a wood-burning flame without all the cleanup and work of a wood-burning fireplace. This fireplace will heat up a room up to 400 sq. ft. to the perfect temperature from 72° to 82° or use it to create a relaxing ambiance with its multiple. APPEARANCE: The Sideline electric fireplace is designed for recessed in-wall mounting. Creating a cozy atmosphere of a traditional fireplace, this electronic fireplace has realistic flames with a real fire look. The Sideline's 5 flame settings radiate a soft ember glow up to an intense blaze. Sideline gives you the total package Electric Fireplaces Market Report (2021-2027) | the Demand for the Market Will Drastically Increase in the Future July 22, 2021 Heat Transfer Fluid Market Valuation & Lucrative Segments Breakdown - Global Growth to See Commanding Position in Near Future by 202

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1. Electric fireplaces are more affordable. The costs of adding a wood-burning stove or fireplace to your home can quickly start piling up. There will be major wall construction and masonry work required, including the building of a chimney. For natural gas fireplaces, venting and gas lines will need to be set up Are Electric Fireplaces Worth It? Here are a few reasons for owning an electric fireplace for use at home. Efficiency: Electric fireplaces are more efficient in warming spaces than other alternatives like traditional fireplaces.Electric fireplaces project the heat horizontally while traditional heating places direct the produced heat vertically

An outdoor electric fireplace is a significant investment, so choose a manufacturer with a limited warranty for peace of mind. You can find them ranging from one to ten years, so your new purchase is covered for the immediate future. Ensure you are using the product correctly to qualify for the warranty. Improper usage, including using an indoor model outside, using the wrong power source, or. Fireplaces like the ChimneyFree Ashbury electric fireplace and the Classic Flame August electric fireplace are furniture-beautiful and functional-but they just aren't primary heaters. Still, they do provide enough warmth, and great ambiance, and, with such realistic flames and long, to make them worth every penny An electric fireplace stove is especially ideal for its straightforward installation and operations. Technology improvements in the stove and fireplace industry are transforming the electric fireplace. These new appliances deliver a unique and exciting fire experience. But the modern look and warm feel it adds to your home are worth the. This electric fireplace from R.W. Flame can either be hung on a wall or recessed for a more streamlined look. Measuring 50 x 18 x 3.98 inches, this is one of the thinnest electric fireplaces on the market. It comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 30 to 60 inches. The heater features a touch screen on the front panel and a remote control

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  1. Fireplaces are a sought-after feature among home buyers, and removing them will negatively affect the value of your home, says Dogan, who adds that they are inviting and evoke feelings of.
  2. Electric fires also offer a different 'type' of heat. Convection heat is used to circulate warm air around the room. Glass fronted gas fires, meanwhile, can push out more radiant heat through the glass panel. Another benefit of electric fires worth mentioning though, is the flame only feature
  3. Electric Fireplace Costs. An electric fireplace costs between 8 -23 cents per hour to run while in heating mode. This is true for all types of electric heaters, and the running costs of your electric fireplace may differ depending on the type you have installed as well as the frequency of its use. If you run the fireplace for 5 hours a day, it.
  4. Building a base for an electric fireplace. Now, let me explain something. We usually do our own DIY work, and that's what you're used to seeing in tutorials here on my site. But we also have a handyman who we have worked with since the beginning of our fixer upper journey, and he's been a great resource for us
  5. Sealing Your Fireplace Vent. Vented fireplaces must be sealed to prevent any warm air from escaping through the chimney. This is one of the main reasons why electric inserts are more efficient that traditional wood stoves and gas fireplaces.. You can either close the damper or block off the vent from the bottom using a piece of plywood or sheet metal that is cut to fit
  6. It's worth mentioning that if an indoor/outdoor fireplace appeals to you—but the complexity, time and cost of knocking a large hole in an external facing wall and paying a contractor to install a fireplace does not—then you may want to browse the options available for portable indoor/outdoor fireplaces. Mainly electric-powered, these.
  7. Electric fireplaces are slowly but steadily replacing the classic wood-burning fireplaces. Before you buy an electric fireplace, it is worth to pay a special attention so that you pick the most appropriate option for your apartment. The variety modern designs features decorative elements like stone, wood, plastic, metal, ceramics or marble
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  1. Electric fireplaces almost always have a more appealing look to them. They also come in a variety of styles. Conversely, baseboard heaters are discreet and have the potential to take up less space. If space is a concern it may be worth checking out an entertainment center style electric fireplace. Since it serves two functions, it can cut down.
  2. The only drawback: electric fireplaces are not exactly cheap. They appear to run from about $84 (reasonable, but also the flames could for sure be more convincing) to, grimace, $800+
  3. Electric Fireplaces. View our selection of Electric fireplaces in the gallery below and visit our showroom in Southeast Michigan today! It's worth the drive
  4. As I started thinking about ideas for the basement, I started looking for an electric fireplace. The only thing is, I wanted one that would suite the rustic/farmhouse look I was going for.. unfortunately I couldn't find anything, until I discovered Modern Blaze.. Modern Blaze fireplaces do not require chimneys, or venting, creating endless design opportunities without expensive structural.
  5. Electric fireplaces and accessories are a great way to add charm to any room, along with the right home décor and furniture. Our sleek styles of fireplace TV stands would look amazing in your living room, doubling as a media center for entertaining. Enjoy quiet nights around as wall mounted fireplace with just the gentle crackle of the fire as.
  6. ds about electric-fireplaces and are thinking about choosing a similar product, AliExpress is a great place to compare prices and sellers. We'll help you to work out whether it's worth paying extra for a high-end version or whether you're getting just as good a deal by getting the cheaper item
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Includes fireplace mantel with fireplace insert (W100-01) Made of engineered veneers and engineered wood. Fireplace provides up to 4608 BTU/1400W, warms up to 400 square feet (heats a mid-size room) and includes: 6-level temperature setting; 5 levels of flame brightness. LED-lit flame operating with or without heat Fireplace Installation Services for Fort Worth, TX. At Southwest Brick & Fireplace, we let our work speak for itself. Take a look at our gallery of past projects to see our quality work. We have decades of experience with masonry work, including fireplace installation services, and have the knowledge and connections to show for it Fireplaces Slider - CLEARion Elite. The First Truly See-Through Electric Fireplace. Clear ion ™ Elite Series. Creating relaxation in two rooms at once. View Series. CLEARion™ Elite Series. Elevation™ X Series. Entice™ Series. High Country™ Series European Home's newest branded line, Electric Modern, is at the cutting edge of modern electric fireplace technology. We developed Evoflame to achieve stunningly realistic flame effects while utilizing energy efficient LED lighting. Purchase online or through a local fireplace dealer today

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Low: $900. (electric fireplace insert including installation and parts) High: $3,900. (integrated electric fireplace including installation and parts) Cost to install an electric fireplace varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). Get free estimates from electricians in your city. Get Local Cost With over 2,000 electric fireplace tv stand reviews, this TV stand from Mistana is loved by many because of the inviting and warm ambiance it gives to their homes.. The stand is fit for flat-panel TVs up to 65 inches. The 23-inch electric fireplace gives out a lifelike flame without the hassle of preparing and cleaning up a wood-burning fireplace

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From service and repairs on your existing fireplace, to installing a new fire feature, you can rely on our expertise and customer service. At CDR Fireplaces, we stand by and guarantee all work completed by our certified technicians on your fireplace. We cover all of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, including Arlington, Desoto, and Keller Fireplace Front - Fireplace front used for a fireplace insert (also called a face or faceplate in this case) overlays all but the viewing area of the fireplace insert. Unlike prefabricated or masonry fireplaces, fireplace inserts typically come with a surround as a standard addition to the insert front because it serves both functional and. The Best Built-In Electric Fireplace Dimplex Opti-V. When it comes to realism, few electric fireplaces can match the impressiveness of the Dimplex Opti-V.In fact, this fireplace is realistic enough to fool many viewers into thinking it's a real wood fire at first glance Candore Heights Faux Stone Electric Fireplace, White: Western romanticism warms to life in this electric fireplace. Crisp white finish highlights subtle woodwork. Energy-efficient LED bulbs light the fire, a cost-effective way to ignite bliss in any room without professional installation The Greystone 36 Electric Fireplace with Crystals - Wall Mount - Black - LED Side Lights # 324-000080 does have the heat blower on the front like all of the Greystone fireplaces do whether recess mounted or wall mounted. We have the 32 inch version if you want the smaller one

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How to choose an electric fireplace insert. Electric fireplace inserts come in a variety of sizes from about 23″ up to 50″ wide. I chose this 30″ fireplace. Pick a size that will scale well in your room and fit the DIY fireplace surround you're building. Most mid-range electric fireplace inserts are LED lit, remote controlled and offer. From gas logs to fireplace inserts and doors, Fireplaces & Stuff is the premier source for fireplace accessories in Longview, TX. We'll help you find the right products at the right price. While we're known for our specialty in installing and selling fireplaces and accessories, our area of expertise extends beyond that

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2675 Gravel Dr. Fort Worth, TX 76118. From Business: Finishing Touches has been providing homeowners and investors with home remodeling and renovating services since 1999. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, the firm has. 20. Solid Rock. Fireplaces General Contractors Door Repair. Website Services. (817) 400-7625 New and used Electric Fireplaces for sale in Riverbend Trinity Trails, Fort Worth on Facebook Marketplace. Find great deals and sell your items for free Actually, this is one of my favorite fireplace concepts and that is the see-through fireplace that has glass to see the fire on two sides. You can then view the fireplace from the kitchen and an adjacent room whether a dining room or living/family room. This is particularly awesome with ribbon style fireplaces which are embedded into the wall Valor provides innovative, energy-efficient propane and natural gas fireplaces, inserts, and stoves throughout Canada and the United States Details: Keep your living room or den warm with this sleek 50-inch electric fireplace insert. This versatile fireplace has a wide range customizable settings, including flame color, brightness, speed, heat settings, and more. This electric fireplace can functionally warm your space or just provide an inviting atmosphere AEC Daily Online Learning Dimplex offers an online continuing education course through AECDaily.com: Electric Fireplaces: A Stylish, Simple and Safe Alternative. This free comprehensive, self-paced course provides an overview of electric fireplaces, their design possibilities, ease of installation, environmental benefits, and energy efficiency. This course is registered with over 30.